Diamond Lake Association Mission

The object or purposes of the corporation shall be as follows:

  1. To promote the education of riparian property owners and other lake users of Diamond Lake, Cass County, Michigan (hereinafter referred to as “the lake”) about water quality, conservation, pollution and safety;
  2. To support issues which concern the welfare of the lake in general, including, but not limited to, the conservation of the water supply in the lake and watershed, the maintenance of the quality of the water safe for swimming and conducive to the renewal of fish resources, the prevention of pollution, and the preservation of navigation;
  3. To support the measurement and evaluation of hydrological data at the lake so that the decisions and actions of the corporation shall be in line with what is best for the lake; and,
  4. To act as a cohesive body to bring issues of interest to or affecting lake residents and users to the attention of governmental entities.

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DLA Board of Directors & Officers


  • President: Jim Hosking
  • Vice-President:  Ted Ferris
  • Treasurer: Duke Jones
  • Secretary: Terry Gerber

Directors and Committees:

  • Communications — Steve Ball
  • Communications — Marcia Jones
  • Communications — Jonathan Soltys
  • Fireworks — John Monaghan (Chair)
  • Fireworks — Steve Wallace
  • Lake Preservation — Fred Dean (Chair)
  • Lake Preservation — Dave Gardner
  • Lake Preservation — Mike Malone
  • Membership — Debbie Tuttle (Chair)
  • Membership — Dave Trelease
  • Water Safety — Sue Heinrich
  • Water Safety — Ed Waller